Newsletter and Latest Economic Update

Here at Cockburn Lucas we like to regularly produce our own in-house Newsletter, giving our views on current financial news whilst informing our clients of issues that may be relevant to their financial circumstances.

Whenever a Newsletter is produced it will be available for download on this page, along with the two most recent Newsletters preceding it. If you would like this directly e-mailed to you, please subscribe using the form below and contribute to reducing our carbon footprints.

We also like to make available the latest thoughts, from some of our strategic investment partners, on economic and fiscal thinking which we hope you will find of interest.

You can download our Newsletter or Economic reviews by clicking on the following links:

Issue 33 (Dec 2018)
Why we want to BREAK FREE!
Issue 32 (Jul 2018)
Rise of the Robots
Issue 31 (Dec 2017)
Why we are not stressing out
Issue 30 (Jul 2017)
Bubble Trouble
Issue 29 (Dec 2016)
Tales of the Unexpected
Issue 28 (Jul 2016)
Keep calm and carry on investing
Issue 27 (Dec 2015)
The Great Bake Off
Issue 26 (Jul 2015)
Tories: 331. Pollsters and Pundits: nul points
Issue 25 (Dec 2014)
The long road to freedom
Issue 24 (Jun 2014)
It’s official: We are the best in the Midlands!
Issue 23 (Dec 2013)
And the winner is
Issue 22 (Jul 2013)
Why gentlemen no longer prefer bonds!
Issue 21 (Dec 2012)
A year to remember!
Issue 20 (Jul 2012)
Back in the trenches
Issue 19 (Dec 2011)
Going, Going, Gone?
Issue 18 (Jun 2011)
Touch down
Cazenove economic review Issue 17 (Oct 2010)
Are you being served?
Issue 16 (Apr 2010)
Kicking the tyres -why research is so important?
Issue 15 (Nov 2009)
Green shoots emerging?


In the minefield of savings products, pension and investment schemes it is hard to know who to trust for fair and impartial advice. Alistair Fraser has gained our respect and trust, provided us with excellent advice and service, as well as taking a weight off our minds - as we know we have now made some important decisions and plans for our future financial needs.

- Anne & David H, Private Clients