Long Term Care Case Study

We were referred to the Brookes family via a local care home.

Mrs Brookes’ daughter Caroline and her husband Stuart, already had a financial adviser, but when they asked him about Mrs Brookes, he was unable to offer any new options. He looked at her finances, and as she didn’t seem to have an inheritance tax liability, he did not think there was anything else he could do.

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Stage 1: Discovery Meeting

When Mrs Brookes became poorly and needed to move into a care home they needed specialist advice. The home that Mrs Brookes was due to move into, knew of the nature of our specialist advice and put Mrs Brookes’ family in touch with us. As members of Symponia with our dedicated care fees planning experience we were able to help as follows:

Mrs Brookes was 88 years old, she owned her own property and had some modest savings, and because her total wealth was over £21,000 she was responsible for the full payment of her own care fees.

We met with the family, and from the discussions she knew that Mrs Brookes’ annual income was £12,000, the chosen care home cost £550 per week, meaning that Mrs Brookes’ expenses exceeded her income by £16,600.

Stage 2: Research and Reporting

It was calculated, and agreed, that once the house had been sold Mrs Brookes would have capital of just over £180,000, although £50,000 was tied up in investments, which ideally the family wanted to remain untouched.

If Mrs Brookes did nothing, dipping into her “available” capital to the tune of at least £16,600 each year, in ten years time this would be completely eroded, and the £50,000 held in existing investments would have to be realised (despite the family’s wishes to the contrary).

Stage 3: Recommendations and Planning

Instead of this open-ended worry, we recommended that the family purchased an immediate-needs care plan. The plan would cost Mrs Brookes £78,000, which would immediately safeguard, not only the existing investments, but also a further £52,000 of her “available capital”, which we would recommend be invested for future security and growth.

Stage 4: Implementation

The family proceeded with our recommendations and purchased the immediate-needs care plan, as well as investing the remaining available capital in line with their risk profile and personal investment objectives; in this instance, to provide further security along with capital growth.

We also put Mrs Brookes’ family in touch with a local specialist solicitor (a member of Solicitors for the Elderly) who helped them to set up an Enduring Power of Attorney and to revise Mrs Brookes’ Will.

Stage 5: Maintain and Review

As part of our relationship-based service, we will regularly meet with the Brookes family to review their circumstances and ensure that our advice remains consistent with their needs and risk profile.

Care fees planning solutions are unique to each family, but we believe that very few people realise that such planning exists, certainly the existing financial adviser wasn’t aware of the full picture. Make sure that your Adviser is a member of Symponia.


In the minefield of savings products, pension and investment schemes it is hard to know who to trust for fair and impartial advice. Alistair Fraser has gained our respect and trust, provided us with excellent advice and service, as well as taking a weight off our minds - as we know we have now made some important decisions and plans for our future financial needs.

- Anne & David H, Private Clients