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There’s no doubt that we’re all living longer and healthier lives. On the plus side that means we’re all getting wiser! But longer life also brings a host of new needs and objectives to face up to…

Our priorities in later life may shift from accumulation to ‘de-cumulation’. You might feel that sharing and giving are already taking priority over building wealth. Many peoples’ attitudes to risk also change as they get older, with the emphasis shifting to preserving capital, over and above chasing the next hot stocks or investment ideas.

For most of us, the main priority is not running out of money, with a caveat that it’s okay if it’s only ‘the last ever cheque you write’ that bounces! Our expert Financial Planners can help guide you into this next stage in your financial life. We have access to an extensive range of resources and expertise, and our professional partners provide sound advice and services in areas such as:

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  • Legal services for Wills, probate and Powers of Attorney
  • Inheritance tax planning including Trusts and Property
  • Care fees planning and specialist advice surrounding benefits
  • Asset protection and de-risking portfolios
  • Medical services and Private Health Care
  • Property advice and succession planning

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How to Prepare for the Cost of Long Term Care

FUTURE PROOF: No one likes to think about the aging process, but it is inevitable. Investing and planning for your requirements in old age are an essential part of retirement provision.


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Our specialist Later Life Education Zone gives you lots of helpful insight in all of these areas and more. But if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, please call us and we’ll be happy to help you.

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