Inheritance Tax Planning

Nobody likes the idea of needlessly paying tax and Cockburn Lucas can help to ensure that you are not one of the thousands of people who volunteer to give the Government millions of pounds in the payment of Inheritance Tax.

When it comes to protecting their hard earned nest egg and estate, we understand our investors’ needs and concerns more than anyone. We also understand their desire to leave as much of their estate as possible to family or worthy causes and minimise the impact of Inheritance Tax, which can reduce the value of any legacy by an eye-watering 40%.

But that’s what can happen. When you die, the Government can claim 40% of your estate above a threshold of £325,000 (2018/19 Tax Year).

We specialise in providing strategic advice to families and private individuals on the creation of Trusts and Inheritance Tax advice which, over the years, has saved our clients millions of pounds in tax by maximising the value of their investments and ensuring the security of future generations.

We regard this tax as totally ‘voluntary’ as there are so many ways to reduce and avoid payment of Inheritance Tax which are perfectly legal and bona fide.

To find out more on how you can avoid paying Inheritance Tax, download our guide below:

You and yours – estate planning – Click to download

If you would like to discuss our Inheritance Tax planning services with your advisor, or if you would like an initial free consultation to discuss your situation, contact us today.

Note: The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate taxation or trust advice.




I had no idea until taking independent advice from Cockburn Lucas that my retirement options covered so many areas, and am really grateful for the professional and clear way in which these options have been explained. As you can imagine, the decision on how to take my pension was something I couldn’t afford to get wrong or take chances with, so I am grateful for all the help and expertise they have provided in dealing with my need for advice.

- Tom Scothorne, Private Client