Our Fees

We like to be transparent when it comes to our fees for providing you with our bespoke financial planning service. It’s important that you know what costs you will incur from the word ‘go’, so we have outlined our charges clearly in the table below.

You can pay for your financial advice on either a transactional basis, in which we shall receive a fee from the amount invested, or on a fee basis, in which you will pay your fees directly to us. Both options are outlined below:

Initial meeting This will be a one-hour (approximately) no-obligation meeting to explore whether we can help you with your financial needs. This meeting will be free of charge.
Initial advice fee (Transactional)
First £100,000 invested: 3%
Next £100,001 – £250,000: 2%
£250,001 plus: 1%

(Note: Fees shown are the maximum potential fees charged)

Initial advice fee (Time-charged Fee) You will typically pay £200 per hour for the work carried out by your Financial Planner, plus £50 per hour for administration. An estimate of our time will be provided at outset for your approval before any work is undertaken.
Ongoing ‘Wealthmaster’ Service As part of our on-going ‘Wealthmaster’ service we shall receive the following annual fees, which are based on the value of your portfolio:
Portfolio value up to £500,000: Up to 1.00%pa
Portfolio value of £500,001 – £1m: Up to 0.75%pa
Portfolio value of £1m plus: Up to 0.50%pa

(Note: Fees shown are the maximum potential fees charged)

Portfolio reviews and fund switches Over time your Financial Planner will regularly review your portfolio and may recommend a switch of funds. This advice will be subject to the following switch fees:
Portfolios up to £100,000: 3%
Portfolios between £100,001 – £250,000: 2%
Portfolios of £250,001 plus: 1%

(Note: Fees shown are the maximum potential fees charged)

If you would like to arrange a free initial meeting with one our Financial Planners, or if you wish to discuss our fees in greater detail, please contact us today.

I had no idea until taking independent advice from Cockburn Lucas that my retirement options covered so many areas, and am really grateful for the professional and clear way in which these options have been explained. As you can imagine, the decision on how to take my pension was something I couldn’t afford to get wrong or take chances with, so I am grateful for all the help and expertise they have provided in dealing with my need for advice.

- Tom Scothorne, Private Client